Tourists book early to see lake eyre transformation

Tourists book early to see lake eyre transformation. Photo credit:

Lake Eyre’s famous lake is changing to a lakey backdrop in time for this week’s International Water Show.

According to the Lake Eyre Council, it will be one of the last days at its new centre and will b바카라e closed to visitors for about a week to provide the local wildlife with a chance to catch a breather before the start of the show.

“On a rainy night during a particularly rough period, you would think t더킹카지노he lake could be on fire, but not at Lake Eyre,” said the council’s manager, Steve Oakes.

“This lake will be closed by its current owner in October and we have been expecting this change.

“We want to remind visitors to check in with us at the show in two weeks time before 바카라사이트making your way over for the show.”

The Lakeside Festival in Christchurch, on October 12-14, runs until Saturday, October 20.