Thein sein rejects suu kyis constitutional reform

Thein sein rejects suu k더킹카지노yis constitutional reform?

In what is a stunning turn, Ingeborg Ingeborgsen, leader of the Christian People’s Party, called for the reform tjarvees.como be stopped immediately.

“We all agree with the current prime minister of Sweden and other political parties, that the reform has gone too far. But even if we don’t agre바카라e with him, his statements have been the result of his ignorance. He knows very well that the current government could not be called any more stable than before. The current Prime Minister is not interested in keeping the peace, he only seems to want to please us politically,” said Ingeborgsen, speaking to SVT Radio.

“The government is no longer secure. It is in danger of falling apart or being torn apart. People don’t want democracy anymore, they want power, even if they don’t like it. There needs to be a proper review of the political system. The law is not only wrong and should be rewritten, the system needs a major overhaul,” she added.

She also suggested that the government could not continue the reform without proper conditions, which could include an introduction of the minimum wage, but also reforms to make the system fairer, such as the creation of a “living wage,” which would provide workers with enough money every month to cover basic necessities.

Swedish media reports say Ingeborgsen also opposed the introduction of the right to free health care, which the government would be obliged to guarantee for all, and opposed the introduction of guaranteed jobs for all.

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Stockholm police investigating Swedish sex scandal:

Police from Sweden’s fourth largest city’s largest police force announced on Tuesday that the investigation into the sexual misconduct scandal has been closed, after all the evidence was destroyed on the same day as the announcement.

The announcement by Karlssons, which is responsible for the district, followed the Stockholm District Police Service announcing on its Twitter account that it would not pursue the matter further, and all relevant files have now been destroyed.