Once a licence is granted, McCuaig Boyd will be able to set

Bill 12, The Preserving Canada Economic Prosperity Act, gives Energy Minister Margaret McCuaig Boyd extraordinary powers.Under the act, she can decide if a company needs an export licence to send oil and gas outside Alberta borders and it up to her whether or not she grant one.Each application will be subjected to a public interest test. Once a licence is granted, McCuaig Boyd will be able to set maximum quantities, dictate how products are shipped (whether it by rail, pipeline or road) and the licence period. She will also have the ability to direct an operator to cease transporting natural gas, crude oil or refined fuels altogether.If companies aren happy with her decision, the act appeal process means they plead their case to cabinet.Bill ‘sends a clear message’Premier Rachel Notley said at a Monday news conference the legislation won be used immediately.

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That’s not to say the game doesn’t have flaws though. The courses are all rather too long, and your attention does tend to waver towards the end. The whole setting and art style is rather bland too, and instead of Super Monkey Ball’s goofy charm the game just comes across as a bit staid and humourless.

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