It matters that campuses reflect the nation

I see a bunch of Wall Street fat cats, ROTF and LOL, while investors (and their alphabetically correct advisors) determine what to change, sell, buy, re allocate, or adjust to make the next twelve months behave better financially than the last. What happened to that old fashioned emphasis on long term progress toward specific goals? The use of Issue Breadth and 52 week High/Low statistics for navigation; and cyclical analysis (Peak to Peak, etc.) and economic realities as performance expectation barometers makes a lot more personal sense. And when did it become vogue to think of Investment Portfolios as sprinters in a twelve month race with a nebulous array of indices and averages? Why are the masters of the universe rolling on the floor in laughter? They can visualize your annual performance agitation ritual producing fee generating transactions in all conceivable directions.

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canada goose outlet As the nation’s racial and ethnic makeup has grown more mixed and socioeconomically varied, “first gen” has become a way to identify and talk about class diversity. The incentive for top colleges is obvious: Leaders come from these schools’ ranks. It matters that campuses reflect the nation, said Rakesh Khurana, dean of Harvard College. canada goose outlet

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