For one, stirring will mix all the different components of the

If you have a 5% chance of making a mistake, youll make more mistakes if you touch the ball 200 times than if you touch it 100 times.The key to good buildup from the back isnt just having a GK thats comfortable on the ball.You also need CBs that, once they get the ball from the GK, dont immediately play it back to him but instead survive the initial round of pressure and push the ball upfield, find open midfielders, etc.Mustafi clearly is comfortable on the ball but thats not the same thing as having good vision and a good passing range. Hopefully the CBs also improve on the ball over time.I said it in my post too, but IMO thats definitely a part of the problem. When youre building up from the back the idea is for the GK to pick the right CB to play the ball to and for that CB to then push the ball forward to midfield.Its not desireable for the GK and CB to be playing ping pong between each other, passing the ball back and forth.

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