Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand Teaches KidsLike many kids, my daughter Madeleine asked if we could do a lemonade stand as a business.

She didn’t just want to do one stand; she wanted to do lots of stands.

As full-time wedding photographers, business runs in the family, so she wanted her own business too.

As a homeschooling mom, I immediately saw the potential for teaching. Math, money, healthy, marketing, and even science could be tied into this lemonade stand business, so we decided to make this our summer experiment.

We set the ground rules: She’d start with what she needed to get going, and then everything else after that had to be purchased out of her profits.

She can’t spend any of the money until the end of the summer when we’re done with the business for the season, and we got to determine what percentage of the proceeds she could spend, save, and give (assuming she didn’t go under from drinking all the lemonade herself or giving out samples to her siblings.) If she runs out of money before the summer is over, then she learns a completely different yet just as valuable lesson about failure, and that’s awesome too.

Gosh I love the freedom you have in homeschooling.

We’ll be creating a chronicle of her Lemonade Stand here on the blog, and I’ll be talking about teaching kids through entrepreneurship in a digital age. Right now it’s just a lemonade stand; but I expect that as she grows older, her business ideas will grow from this small lemonade stand into something that can fully support her out of “high school” in the case that she decides she’d like to run her own business in the future as an adult. You can read more about my goals of teaching child entrepreneurship and what this website is for by visiting the about page.

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About Madpreneur


This is Madeleine.

She was born an entrepreneur, just like her Mom Jamie (That’s me!) This website was created because she wanted to start a business AND have a website about it.

We’re a homeschooling family, and this is where we’ll be talking about teaching our kids to be entrepreneurs and the lessons they learn along the way. I’ll also be writing about our journey of homeschooling and how to teach kids to be entrepreneurs in the age of the internet.

My husband Brandon and I are full-time wedding photographers near Madison, WI and professional bloggers. Brandon writes a humorous blog about running & authentic manhood at Real Men Show Leg and I blog about how to run a photography business at The Modern Tog. We have 3 amazing children ages 6 and younger, and we’re excited to give them the tools they need to become entrepreneurs (if they so choose to do).

Raising Kid Entrepreneurs

As well as sharing Madeleine’s business journey, I plan to talk about the things I’m teaching and what we’re trying to accomplish with the skills we’re teaching our kids. My goal is to help them apply the things they are learning through homeschooling, as we remember best when there’s a context.

This summer is a lemonade stand, but I expect to explore different types of businesses as Madeleine grows and matures. The goal is to equip her with all the skills she’ll need to run a business to support herself in the future if she so chooses.

Our goal as parents

The main goal we have as parents is to help our kids discover who they were created to be and help equip them to become that person.

Madeleine loves being an entrepreneur. Britta loves and appreciates beauty. We’re still learning and discovering the passions of our son Soren.

While it’s great to teach kids how to run a business, don’t be discouraged if it isn’t for your son or daughter. Teaching can happen in any context, so figure out what works best for them and make that the platform from which you teach. Homeschooling is such a blessing because you can tailor your teaching style to the interests of each of your kids, giving them the best education possible.

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